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The Cash Tracking System is a super high converting cash gifting program created by experienced cash gifters who decided to go their own direction and create a unique system based on the 1-up to infinity compensation structure. The marketing system for the Cash Tracking System is a compelling 7 step video presentation providing an educational experience. The Cash Tracking System provides ongoing support and marketing resources as well as access to an online data base that allows members to confirm cash gifts that have been received and keeps track of who is qualified and at what levels members have decided to participate at. There is paperwork that must be signed and sent with the cash gifts sent to any active participant of the Cash Tracking System. The paperwork consists of two forms, one being a Gifting Statement the other being a Non-Solicitation form. These two forms create a binding agreement between the gift sender and the gift receiver. They are in place to uphold the integrity of the program and verify that the cash being given is a true gift and not an investment. The non-solicitation form verifies that a new participant in the Cash Tracking System is giving a gift of free will and were not solicited.